Mediator, Arbitrator, and Evaluator/Coach
Rudy Lachenmeier has been doing online mediations and arbitrations since the pandemic began.  Move your cases forward –safely.  Don’t get left behind.  See the online section of Mediation and Arbitration. 

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Rudy Lachenmeier has stopped accepting new plaintiff or defense cases, but will remain active with the Oregon State Bar as he winds down his litigation practice and transitions to doing exclusively mediations, arbitrations and evaluations. Rudy Lachenmeier has spent most of his long career representing clients in civil disputes—usually by representing parties in state and federal court litigation—and has tried to verdict more than 150 cases and has represented parties in a large number of arbitrations as well.  Beginning in about 2008, he has expanded the scope of his practice to include helping other parties resolve cases by serving as mediator or arbitrator.

Rudy R. Lachenmeier

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